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Lots of love from some of my current and past clients.

I started Susan’s 8-week bootcamp program in February for the first time and have been LOVING it, It's the best way to start my day. I am feeling stronger and more energetic every day I go. It has been a positive change for me working out with likeminded people from all fitness levels. Susan is a great trainer and implements lots of variety of sessions like hiit, cardio, weight training and bodyweight exercises. I don’t want it to end and am looking forward to joining the next 8-week program.
I am in my mid 50s and realise that my body doesn’t behave the way it did when I was younger. I wanted an exercise routine that I could do regularly by myself and with a PT supervising sometimes to ensure I was doing the exercises correctly. I had tried PT’s at my local gym but they seemed to just give me the same “cookie cutter” plan that they gave to all clients. Being older herself, Susan understood what was looking for and worked with me to formulate a series of exercises to focus on my areas of concern.

Susan and I had a discussion about what I wanted to achieve, in particular which areas I wanted to focus on or had concerns about. I then had a series of one on one PT sessions with Susan where she introduced me to the exercises. She gave me written instructions to take home - sometimes including pictures - so I could easily do the exercises on my own. The first session included a “weigh & measure” session so we could track my progress. Each session introduced new exercises as well as some familiar ones. This allowed me to build up a repertoire to mix and match on my own.

Susan was really well organised and had prepared each session. They were interesting and varied and the hour always flew by. I’m not keen on warming up but I know I need to do that.

At the end of my series of PT sessions, we re-did the measures and I was very pleased to find that I had improved in many areas. The sessions exceeded my expectations.

I really liked:
Susan listening to what I was looking for and planning my sessions accordingly
sessions very well suited to my needs
sessions well planned, varied and interesting
“weigh & measure” at the beginning and end getting written details of each exercise so I could replicate at home
the music 🙂
As a trainer, Susan is an amazing motivator. Her PT sessions are always well-structured offering variety ensuing I am always engaged in the session. She worked with me to identify my goals and has kept me on-track to achieve them. The program Susan designed was well researched and specific for my physical capabilities but always managed to stretch me a little further each session. My only complaint is that Susan has moved to Tasmania and we can no longer share our training sessions in person. She is working with me now to continue our PT sessions via skype, so I hope to be back on my fitness journey very soon. Thank you, Susan, I couldn’t have reached my goals without you.
Andrea (53)